This is my first stab in a long time at putting video on the web.
Hopefully broadband will help with the download experience, click on the snapshot to get the full video, which should open on its own page.

Also, please note you will need Quicktime 7 (or higher) to view these. Or download the video to anything that can play MP4 (not MP3- that is just for music) such as an PSP or probably an iPod

Video of Jake at sports day Video of Jake on a zip slide Video of Ben chasing a balloon Video of Jake and Joe as Gladiators
Video of Jake at Woodlvale

Then there is always the YouTube approach to video:

Both of these have me playing in them, and I am #15. The first is taken from the World Ultimate Championships in 2002- apologies for the over-exposure and the wind noise, but that is what you get when playing in the tropics.
The point that is played from about 0' 25" to 2' 52" is probably the best I have ever played. After a bit of zone defence we switch to man-on-man and I have a failed layout bid at 1' 25" and a successful one at 1' 40". Unfortunately we didn't score the point, but then these guys did go onto win the whole championships.

Next up is something much more low key- a little run around in Glastonbury. Again I am #15 and I get a D block at exactly 1' 00" but the intensity was a whole lot lower here than it was in Hawaii.